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Practitioner & Volunteers

Early help strategy

Solihull is a great place to grow up. We have strong communities, excellent schools and early education, good opportunities for work and training, and much, much more. But we can do better. We want every child, young person and family to get the help that they need to succeed as early as possible. We call this early help. Early help can make the biggest difference when it is given before things go wrong, and when people get the help they need from family, friends, or within their community.

Organisations like the Council, the NHS, schools and the voluntary sector also have an important role to play, helping all children to thrive with universal services such as health visiting and education, and some children and families who need extra help to get back on track.


The Early Help Strategy sets out what people in Solihull will do to make sure that children and young people get the early help they need. It depends on families, communities, paid staff and volunteers all pulling in the same direction to make the difference. Early help is about getting the best for Solihull's children. It's an investment that lasts a lifetime.


For further information about Early Help in Solihull, visit the Early Help website  or email or telephone on 0121 709 7000. If you wish to seek advice about working with a family you can also call the Engage Duty Line on 0121 709 7103.