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CSE Awareness Day


'Let our children be children #helpinghands'

Messages from young people from Solihull who have been victims of CSE:

“I began mixing with the wrong people; they encouraged me to do things and made me believe it was normal. Looking back now I can see that my life was far from normal. I was also getting into trouble with the police and I missed over two years of school.

The people that I spent my time with were a negative influence on my life, and they put me in dangerous and scary situations, but the crazy part was I still thought they were my friends.

I began to feel depressed and cut myself because I didn’t know how to fix my life. I had mixed emotions because the people I would associate with made me believe they were my friends but deep down I knew what was happening wasn’t right and I was being exploited.

I’m a stronger person now, I’m more focused and a can manage my feelings better. If it wasn’t for the help I received my life wouldn’t have changed and in all honesty I now know that I may not be alive today”

Solihull Young Person aged 18

“Now let me tell you these people aren’t good for you, they make you lose friends, family and anyone who is good around you. They make you feel part of the crew when all they are doing is using you. The best thing you can do is work with the people around who are offering help to you, cos they’ll stay around.

I lost everything, I lost my childhood, I was made to feel like I was the only one they wanted or needed, but they don’t, they laugh at you behind your back. These people as I call them nasty pasty’s, when you’re older you will realise, if you just listen to me please just get help.”

Solihull Young Person aged 19.  

If you are a young person access here for more information about CSE

If you are a parent access here for more information about CSE

If you are a practitioner or volunteer access here for more information about CSE