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Children & young people

Am I a Young Carer?

If you don’t know whether you’re a young carer - think about what you do at home, then look at the list below :

  • Someone in my house has a disability, illness or is dependent on drug/alcohol, and because of this they need help to do things
  • Sometimes I do extra household jobs when the person who has an illness, disability or is dependent on drugs or alcohol is having difficulty doing them or has no time to do them
  • I worry about his person at home when I am at school/college/work
  • Sometimes when this person is having a bad day, I will stay home from school/college/work to be there with them
  • When I am in bed at night I listen out for this person in case they need my help
  • If this person needs to go to the doctors or the hospital, I will go with them
  • If this person needs medical help I have to help them or call the doctor, ambulance or someone else to help
  • Sometimes when my friends call for me I tell them ‘I don’t feel like coming out today’ so that I can be with this person
  • My homework or study is sometimes not finished on time, or is not my best work, because I have had to use my time to help this person
  • Sometimes I take care of my brothers/sisters, like helping them get ready for school or making them breakfast
  • Sometimes I do things for this person that my friends don’t have to do for their parent/brothers/sisters
  • I help this person get in and out of bed or around the house or I help this person to wash and/or dress
  • If I did not do the things I do to help the person who has a disability or illness they would not be able to cope or would not be safe at home without me.

A useful quiz on whether you are a young carer is available here 

If you identify that any of these things appliy to you, then you ARE likely to be a young carer

Solihull Young Carer's could offer you help and support, fun things to do and someone friendly to talk to. You can call them on 01217881143 or email youngcarers